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Presenting the SC-2-Teams

Kategorie: Team Gosu - Berichte | Autor: MarksmanSpecal | Datum: 19.12.2016 - 16:54 Uhr

Team Gosu is an austrian multi-gaming association that has been established at the beginning of 2012. Their members play a lot of well known games such as Starcraft 2, Battlefield 4, Diablo 3, LoL, CS:GO and many more. The association currently has over 300 members and the size of the Starcraft 2 team is around 50. Most members are german or austrian or can speak german, however everybody is welcome to join the Team Gosu community to have some fun. The Team Gosu Starcraft 2 team is divided in 3 sections: - a community team which is meant for all players that love communicating with others while playing or watching streams - a war team where motivated players can participate in smaller clanwars - and the pro team which represents Team Gosu successfully in official tournaments and leagues such as ESL, SC2CL and SC2ITL. On top of that, they administrate a couple of community oriented events and projects like the "Team Gosu Low League Cup" and the "Team Gosu Fun Cup" where non-pro-gamers can not only have a lot of fun and gain tournament experience but they also get a chance at little gifts and tournament prices.


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